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Memory Foam





Breathable fabrics and cutting-edge hygiene


Introducing Mistral, a game-changer in the world of technical textiles, offering the perfect choice for settings that necessitate exceptional hygiene and long-lasting performance. This 3D fabric boasts exceptional breathability and water-repellent properties, effectively preventing mold and bacteria growth. The ideal choice for spaces demanding exceptional freshness and cleanliness.

Antimicrobial Barriers

Elevate your expectations for mold and bacteria resistance with Mistral, the fabric that promotes a hygienic and healthy environment like no other.

Ergonomic Adaptation

Experience personalized comfort that endures over time, thanks to its elasticity and ability to mold to your weight and shape.

Easy maintenance

Unleash the power of low-maintenance living with this fabric, its liquid-repellent features and effortless cleaning capabilities minimize the need for frequent and expensive upkeep.

Uniform Comfort and Sustainability

Fiber Wave

Fiber Wave stands out in the world of upholstery with its innovative wave structure, designed to distribute weight evenly and provide superior elastic support. Crafted with patented technology, this material not only embraces sustainability with its complete recyclability but also ensures exceptional and enduring comfort. Ideal for applications demanding both exceptional comfort and environmental responsibility, this material sets a new standard for sustainable well-being.

Even weight distribution

Distinguished by its innovative wave structure, Fiber Wave delivers consistent and uniform support, eliminating pressure points and enhancing overall comfort.

Minimal environmental impact

Fiber Wave, committed to minimizing its environmental footprint, is crafted from fully recyclable materials without the use of chemical binders, making it an ideal choice for eco-conscious consumers and businesses.

Optimal elastic response

Fiber Wave’s innovative fibers dynamically respond to stress, delivering energy return and resilience that preserve shape and functionality over time.

High Performance Ecological Filling


EcoFlex redefines the boundaries of padding with an ecological approach at the heart of the production process. Crafted entirely from recycled fibers, both synthetic and natural, this advanced product not only supports the circular economy but also minimizes energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Featuring a vertical structure that enhances flexibility and breathability, EcoFlex is ideal for spaces that prioritize sustainability without compromising quality.

Comprehensive sustainability

EcoFlex harnesses the power of fully recycled materials, championing a significant reduction in its environmental footprint through eco-conscious manufacturing practices.

Advanced climate comfort

The unique vertical fiber structure of EcoFlex delivers exceptional breathability, ensuring a cool and dry environment, making it ideal for diverse climates.

Mold and Odor Prevention

Engineered to combat moisture and prevent odor buildup, EcoFlex fosters a healthier and more enjoyable environment.

Made in Italy since 1972

Bridging Heritage and Innovation in the Padding Industry

For over 50 years, Ovattificio Fortunato has been masterfully weaving the threads of tradition and innovation. Our expertise in processing textile fibers for felts, wadding, insulation, and non-woven fabrics is deeply rooted in history and fueled by an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Crafted with Passion: High-Quality Products in Harmony with Nature Every Step We Take is a Commitment to a Sustainable and Cutting-Edge Future.

Our Values

At the Heart of Our Vision

Our dedication to excellence and attention to detail have defined our heritage and guided our path in the textile industry.

Continuous innovation and cutting-edge research are fundamental pillars of our company philosophy, guiding us towards new horizons.

We explore our commitment to sustainable practices, showing how each product reflects our responsibility to the planet.

Product Excellence

Each creation is a masterpiece of quality, the result of our profound textile knowledge and attention to detail.

Ongoing Innovation

We are pioneers in innovation, always looking for new technologies and processes to push the boundaries of the textile industry.

Green Responsibility

Sustainability guides every choice we make, from sourcing raw materials to production, with the aim of protecting our planet.

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